Best first-read introduction providing a step-by-step guide to understand, assess and communicate water risks and responses to company stakeholders. A comprehensive list of external tools and datasets is provided.


The CEO Water Mandate’s Corporate Water Disclosure Guidelines offer a common approach to corporate water disclosure. They put forward metrics that can begin to harmonize practice and also provide guidance for defining what to report. The step-by-step guide explains the why and how of water reporting. It helps companies assess the relative maturity of their water management efforts and in doing so, identifies the appropriate water-related information to report. The Guidelines provide examples of good reporting practices, glossary, tools and metrics by linking to further reading.

The Corporate Water Disclosure Guidelines are a great first-read for beginners who wish to learn more about their water impact and the ways to communicate to their stakeholders. However, considering the Guidelines being designed for a broad range of corporate water users, representing various industries and regions, they need to be complemented with more detailed indicators and metrics that are applicable to the food and beverage sectors. The Guidelines were developed by the Pacific Institute, CDP, World Resources Institute and PWC in consultation with GRI and CEO Water Mandate endorsing companies and stakeholders.

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